Review: 4 Tried and Tested Tips On Magnetic Eyelashes

My Make-Up Misshap

I feel slightly embarrassed that I just never mastered the technique of applying false eyelashes. With beauty experts and bloggers making it look so easy on YouTube, I truly thought there was something missing in my genetic “make up”…. no pun intended!

Don’t get me wrong, my make-up game is strong. From contours to cat eyes, eyebrows to a perfect red lip, I am pretty much a pro. However I did feel defeated every time I reached out for my trusted Shu Uemura curlers and Benefit mascara instead of some tweezers, glue and Eylure strips.

I had tried extensions, but they cost a fortune to maintain. Tried the serums but never quite had the patience. I wanted instant glam without the gluey mess and the fear of destroying my perfectly applied eyeshadow. Answer, magnetic eyelashes!

A Game Changer

I was so intrigued when these started to pop up on instagram that I just had to try them. The reviews looked amazing, it really did seem to good to be true. As you can never be to safe when dealing with products in or around the eye, I did my research and that’s when I came across a brand called One Two Cosmetics.

The Technical Bit

The Idea behind these is basically to sandwich your natural lashes in-between 2 strip lashes. Each strip having a tiny magnet in the centre enabling them to clamp together. Believe it or not the result is very natural and so lightweight you forget you’re wearing them at all.

Now let me start of by saying that these are NOT cheap BUT they are very durable and are definitely worth the price. Unlike traditional strip lashes which can only be used a number of times, if looked after correctly these can be used over and over again.

I had finally found a product that worked for me. These do take some practice to master but seriously…..if I can do it anyone can!

Drawing from my own experience, here are some tips for those who want to give magnetic eyelashes a try:

4 Tips

1. Opt for a high end brand like One Two Cosmetics. As tempting as it is, don’t throw money away by choosing cheap alternatives. I gave a few of these a try and not only did they look awful but the quality was also very poor.

2. Contrary to the instructions, try placing the bottom lash first before the top. It’s easier to balance in place by closing your eye while you navigate the top lash into place.

3. Curl natural lashes and apply mascara BEFORE applying for an extra bold and blended look.

4. Once you get the hang of application, don’t be scared to mix it up. I purchased two sets in original and bold and usually wear the bold bottom lash and original top lash as seen below.

Have you tried these? Would be great to get some feedback on brands and alternatives.


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