Nail Day: Taking it Back to Basics with a DIY Manicure

Changing it up

If like me you like changing the colour of your nails more than once a fortnight and don’t have the cash to visit a nail bar every other week, then a bottle of good old fashioned nail polish is usually the only other option.

However, with new formulas imitating a “gel like” finish, advancements in “polish science” and an array of heavily pigmented colours, I’ve found that my standard nail varnish can often be mistaken for a gel manicure if I have taken the time to apply it carefully. Besides, who doesn’t like a chilled out therapeutic nail day in front of the telly on a Sunday evening!

Practice makes perfect

The time has come to reclaim DIY nails! How many people actually know about these great improvements in polish formula or are just not interested because it’s no longer the norm to paint your own nails. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes on the right hand….just wash them a few times and it will come off. (You may have to wait a day for that #instanail post!)

Short Nail Tips

Here are some quick tips and a few of my favourite products that keep my manicure looking fresh (ish) for a week.

1. Apply a good quality base coat to create a smooth canvas for the polish and to protect your nails from staining.

What am I using at the moment? Nails Inc Superfood Base Coat which costs around £15. A great base that’s adds longevity to your manicure.

2. Allowing each coat to dry for at least two minutes, apply 2-3 thin layers of your favourite polish being careful not to touch the cuticles. You should only be using three strokes to fill the colour in, each side and then the centre.

I like my nails nude so my go-to brand at the moment is Essie. They boast a huge collection of naturals, pinks, beiges and minks plus have their own Essie Gel Couture Nail Colour, a gel effect polish that I can’t wait to try for around £10.

3. Now for the game changing topcoat, the cult classic Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat which retails in from around £7 – £10.

I am OBSESSED with this product. Once applied your nails will be touch dry within a minute, avoiding those nasty smudges and duvet imprints.

Be warned this will get very gloopy over time but with just a few drops of remover, it can be restored back to its original consistency for an extra lease of life. The dry fast technology is super impressive and it really does work, leaving your nails with an intense shine and keeping them chip free for at least 4 days! Go on….give it a try! #instanails!


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