My Best Beach Kodak Moments…

March 1st 2018, London, UK

Like many parts of Europe, the “beast from the east” has fully arrived to London bringing with it subzero temperatures and blankets of snow.

As I sit here glued to the radiator wrapped up in my scarf and woolly hat, I can’t help but dream of sunnier climates. From Miami to Majorca, the Greek Islands to Grenada, here’s a look at some of my most favourite holiday snaps as I reminisce of when I was building sandcastles instead of snowmen.

La Marina Beach, Costa Blanca, Spain

Mainly home to German and British expats, La Marina boasts a sandy beach that stretches 17 kilometres. It can get busy during the summer when the nearby campsite is in full swing with Spanish holiday makers, but with no other major resorts, it’s easy to find a quiet spot to soak up some Spanish sunshine.

Don’t forget to sample the local tapas including my favourite dish, ensaladilla rusa, at one of the family run seaside cafes and bars.

Hammock Vibes and Golden Sands at the Jamaica Inn Resort, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I can’t fault this beautiful resort, often having the beach to myself when I visited in October, this can either be a perfect romantic getaway or a relaxing spa break for some quality me time.

Miami Beach, USA

Miami, famous for Baywatch, its Cuban heritage, Art Deco and glamor. Mix it up by chillaxing near trendy Collinson Avenue or party with the locals on Ocean Drive.

Grenada, Caribbean Islands

One of my first destinations as a solo traveler and also one of my favourite holidays. I don’t even have to explain why as these pictures speak a thousand words.

All Inclusive in Cancun, Mexico

For those looking to do water sports, party, tan, party, play beach volleyball and oh…party. Be warned, all inclusive tequila can get messy!

Taking in Views of the City Skyline, Dubai

I usually prefer sunsets to skyscrapers on my horizon but for some cheap winter sun you really can’t go wrong. I know where I would rather be right now!

Magical Majorca, an Oasis of Calm

Look hard enough and you can stumble across gems such as these. Surrounding by vegetation and a small sandy beach, this cove made for some stunning pictures. You do have to go fairly deep into the water to get past the sharp pebbles meaning families with small children tended to stay away in the nearby resorts. Bliss!

Poolside Vibes Overlooking the Ocean in Cyprus

To be fair, the black sand beach in Limassol wasn’t really my cup of tea but my ocean view overlooking the pool and my balcony was absolutely breathtaking!

Island Hopping in Greece

I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends wedding on the beautiful Greek Islands. Being Indian, this wasn’t just a one day affair with functions in Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. Island hoping is cheap and easy with regular ferries. Wished I could have seen more I will definitely be going back!


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